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  • A very vibrant clean and professional environment. Very helpful and honest staff with beautiful work and great talent. I had a wonderful time 🙂 highly recommend.

  • Besides being clean and truly professional...which is often times enough to make a shop good....the folks at G's are also personally friendly and customer friendly. Gordon made sure to not only see me as a walk-in but made sure that my experience and the artistry weren't rushed or minimized despite any time limit I might have had as a visitor to Galway. If I lived in the area, Gordon and Caz would have my business again without a second thought. As it is now, I may have to plan my next visit to Ireland just to get more art from Gordon.

  • Had a sitting last Friday with Gordon who talked through ideas, colouring, positioning etc . He wouldn't do the tattoo until I was perfectly happy with everything. Easy going and professional , no rushing through it. For anyone interested in getting a tattoo, I would recommend G's. Thanks Guys!